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Typing Chimp Story is the next generation of writing software, combining the power of our exclusive story generation system and the latest technology. Story is a cross-platform software package that offers simple yet powerful story-generating tools in an easy-to-use interface.

Many other story development programs on the market introduce complex and confusing concepts and nomenclature to build stories. Typing Chimp Story is the product of hundreds of hours of analyzing hundreds of stories - boiling them down to their core concepts, then it provides an easy-to-use interface for you to access these components and mix-n-match your way to a potential one billion stories. 
Typing Chimp
REFINE and ORGANIZE Your Stories
After generating a story structure with our story generator - or after building our your own story structure from scratch - use the built-in help and tools and use your writing skills and ideas to refine and organize your story. Drag and drop story elements around to reorganize your story any time.
Typing Chimp
Plays Well With Others
You can create as complex a story structure as you like in one project document. Which makes it easy to keep Story open while you write so you can refer back to your plot as you write your story wherever you do your writing. If you use Scrivener, use our built-in sync feature to send your story to Scrivener so it's available there as you write. You could also just print or save it in MS Word to use there. Story works great with any other program you're using.

Key Features
Story Generator
Make selections and instantly generate up to a billion different story spines.
Story-development tools help you detail your story.
Built-In Help
A quick reference system gives you professional guidance on concepts of story development.
Scrivener Support
Export your stories to Scrivener for easy integration. Go back and edit in Story and re-sync everything with Scrivener.
And the best part is that once you purchase this powerful story-development program, you can use it forever. There are no further fees, no in-app purchases, no subscription costs. You bought it. It's yours completely to use as much as you like, whenever and wherever you like. Boom. Click the button below to purchase and download the program today. Thanks!

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