We've scoured the Internet looking for the best articles and tips we could find on writing, story development, and character development and put them all in one place. Plus our staff wrote a few original articles and tips you won't find anywhere else.  Let us know if there are any topics you'd like covered.


Character 101
Enneagram Primer
Science of a Good Character.
Simple Motivation--What Would YOU Do?
Define What's Missing.
Is Your Character an Adult or Child (not age)?
Creating Adult and Child Characters for Juvenile and Adult Fiction
Beginning to Understand Great Dialogue
Fluffing up a Boring Secondary Character
Give Every Character a Theme
What Exactly is a Character Arc?
Finding the Perfect Tragic Past
Does Your Fictional or Non-fictional Character Come to Life?
To Write Excellent Children's Stories, Your Characters Must Evolve
How To Write Great Dialogue For A Screenplay
Do You Know Who Your Characters Are?
The Unsympathetic Protagonist
What On Earth Is Going On In Their Head?
Writing the Narcissist
Writing the Psychopath
How to Plot a Story
How to Make Your Characters Come to Life
Show, Don't Tell -- What Does This Writing Rule Mean?
How to Write Great Beginnings
Creating a comic book character's identity
Bad Fiction Writing: Three Things Readers Hate
Breathe Life Into Your Fictional People
Make Your Characters Come to Life Through Dialogue
Character Transformation in Fiction
The Spine Of A Screenplay
How to Make Any Script an Instant Contender!
The Inciting Incident and Plot Point I: Understand the Difference
All Drama is Conflict
Creating Characters Based on Real Life: Using Family Members, Friends and Enemies
Does Your Novel Have a Heartbeat?
How To Write a Good Novel: Give It a Powerful Crisis

Top Ten Character Tips.
How to Differentiate Characters.
Using Stress to Reveal Character.
Giving a Minor Character Life.
The Seven Deadly Sins and Character Motivation
The Big Dos and Don'ts of Dialogue


Relating Character to Story.
Plotting: Doing the Hard Work First
Does Your Story Have Conflict?
Keeping Your Reader Turning the Page

Methods To Initiate Conflict In Your Story


Mastering the Art of Script Writing
Creative Writing Prompts

Awesome Tips For Creative Writing
The Five Most Important Screenplay Writing Tips